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A Blast From the Past

Auckley Gala Day started way back in the early 50’s. In 1965 a group of local people formed, what was to be known as The Auckley Horticultural Show and Sports Committee. The Chairman was the late Rev. P. Powsland, Show Secretary Herbert Burton, Treasurer Jack Hunter, Sports Secretary Keith Siddons, Betty Phillips and Harold Kendal, the then landlord of The Eagle and Child, who allowed us to use it as a venue for meetings. The Event was held in Gredlands Field, land that was later used to build The Green and the shops on Ellers Lane. Organising the first show was more difficult, because of the lack of funds, so plans were made to start the fund raising, raffles, bring and buy stalls. We also ran bingo sessions in the Old Church Hall.

Auckley SH202
Auckley SH4
Auckley SH5

On Show Day which started around 7am we used to take a borrowed tractor and trailer to the Church Hall, to collect as many table and chairs as we could.
Then we made a visit to R.A.F. Finningley to beg ...... or borrow anything that stood. I must say the R.A.F. Finningley were very helpful towards all our shows. I would also point out that the local children worked with us non-stop throughout the day.
On one show day, word went round that we were going to the camp to pick up some trestles, and we needed some help, before we knew it the tractor and trailer was amass with the children (bless ‘em).

The show did build up over the years, but at the very first show, we had an attendance of under fifty with about a couple of dozen exhibitors. But don’t forget the population of Auckley then was under 500. Our first marquee cost around 50. When the show did get off the ground we had exhibitors from far afield. The Doncaster Chrysanthemum Society also came along on show days to help and give advice. The show did take place for a few years but like most groups we had to look for people to come forward and to join us but unfortunately this wasn’t to be. But fortunately another group came along to form the best and biggest show Auckley had ever seen. And good wishes to the present committee for the future shows.

Auckley Resident, Ken Siddons.

Auckley Show Around 1965 in Gredlands Field where The Green and shops now stand.

Helpers Left to right:        Andrew Hickson, Malcolm Kendal, Steve Gillis and A. N. Other.

Auckley SH1
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