Saturday 19th August 2017
next year Saturday 18th August 2018


To download this form you will need to have Adobe Reader or compatible software to read and print the file.

To download a form to apply for a trade stand please click here .

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A simplified form in .doc format is also available click here

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The committee’s decision on all matters is final


No Tombola other than Official Show

No Raffle other than Official Show

No Catering other than contracted in advance

Fairground Attractions by individual contract only



The number of individual stalls or entertainments will be restricted by class or type. Please state which classification your business falls into.

Prizes in the form of cigarettes or live animals are NOT ALLOWED.

All stands to be on site by 9.30am  (Late arrivals treated as cancellation)

No equipment, vehicles or goods outside the designated stand limit.

Separate car park. Limited loading times.


In the event of Cancellations Refunds shall be as follows:

Cancellations 6 weeks prior to show  - 100%

Cancellations 4 weeks prior to show  - 50%

Cancellations less than 4 weeks prior to show - NIL


No catering allowed other than previously agreed and contracted by committee.

Fairground Rides, Bouncy Castles etc, are subject with Agreement with the committee.

All Fairground Rides must have their own

Public Liability Insurance which must be displayed.


ALL APPLICANTS must sign the Terms and Conditions




ONE free permit may be requested per site paid for. (AT TIME OF BOOKING ONLY)

Please enclose STAMPED, ADDRESSED ENVELOPE (220mm x 110mm minimum size)

          OR add 2.oo to booking fee to cover costs.


(5x5m sites may park one vehicle wholly within the allocated site, a permit is still required

 Free parking is available in public car park)


Please indicate if free parking permit is required at time of booking

Vehicles larger than a car may be directed to alternative parking areas.


Please Note Full Payment Must be Included with Return Application Form.

Cheques made payable to: AUCKLEY SHOWo